Christ our Anchor is an Anglican mission in East Nashville.

We are a parish that meets on Wednesday evenings for Evening Prayer and fellowship. We extend our worship out into the world the rest of the week as a mission embassy of Christ’s Kingdom.

We take jobs from those who have and give the labor to those in need. What we mean by that, is that we live into the biblical concept of gleaning. Those who have open their households, businesses, and lives to those in need. Those in need can then, like Ruth, work with honor and dignity in the excess left behind. We believe everyone has something to contribute to God’s kingdom. Everyone is poor in some way and everyone is blessed with some wealth. We feast. We pray. We cry. We invest in each other’s lives because we don’t believe in short-term missions. Like Boaz, we know there is poverty that is deeper than money. People need family, love, and friendship, too.

Christ our Anchor is simply the Church being the Church. We’re not a crisis center, we’re not a jobs ministry, we’re just God’s hands and feet meeting the needs of anyone who comes to us. We’re a community where everyone is needed and everyone has a place. We believe God made us to work and we don’t do handouts.

Christ our Anchor is a place to grow and give. If your life is a mess and you feel alone. If you’ve got skills and would love to mentor a brother or sister in Christ. If you’ve got work that needs to be done. Everyone no matter how weak, poor, sad, or tired has something to bring to The Potluck. Join us and be a part of ending poverty in Nashville.

If you have any additional questions or would like to partner in ministry with us, please e-mail us at

Fr. Michael can be reached at