Mentors are a critical part of the kingdom work we do at Christ our Anchor. The reason so many people are stuck in cycles of poverty is because they lack a family support system. The apprentices in our community need mentors who can teach them skills.

We are looking for mentors who are mature Christians, ready to commit in a real way to the spiritual and professional growth of another person, and are able to transport and work alongside an apprentice at the job site. As a mentor, you will stand alongside a brother or sister in Christ and be that person who can genuinely listen, actually cares, and will provide a healthy and loving challenge to old ways of thinking.

If you’re a tradesmen, backyard mechanic, garage carpenter — awesome — we can absolutely use your help! Even if you’re not very handy, that’s no problem. Being present, willing to learn, and ready to live into the Body are more than enough.

Outside of our weekly potluck we only ask that our mentors set aside ~3 hours a month to mentor someone at a job.

Nota bene: Many in our community have been let down by teachers, pastors, parents, and others. They’ve been abandoned in the past. The most critical part of being a mentor is commitment. You must be ready to come every week. You must be ready to make this ministry a priority. It takes a lot of work to build trust, but very little to break it.