Each week on Wednesday evenings we’ll meet in East Nashville for The Potluck. The Potluck is the cornerstone of everything we do at Christ our Anchor. It is a time of welcome, fellowship, prayer, and coordination.

We start our time together at 5:30p with an actual potluck. We strongly believe that everyone has something to contribute to our potluck. Everyone is encouraged to bring snacks, plates, drinks, whatever they have to give. If your pantry is bare, don’t worry! Your smile and presence is enough at the potluck. We need people to greet, setup, and clean. Everyone has something to share and no one will be excluded!

After our potluck fellowship, we get down to business at 5:50p. We sit in a circle together and review the jobs that’ve been submitted and need to be done. We discuss the skills, tools, and supplies we have in our community and determine who’s best to do the work. We’re a bottom up community, so don’t worry if you don’t get a job the first little while you meet with us. Everyone is getting to know you and how best to help you grow! Talk with folk at the potluck and you’ll be getting jobs in no time.

After we’ve coordinated our work for the week, we enter our time of prayer at 6:00p. We turn our eyes to the Anchor of our Souls, Jesus Christ, himself. We pray, read scripture, and worship together.

We meet in the main sanctuary of First Wesleyan Church on 611 Shelby Ave in East Nashville.

You enter the parking lot from S 6th Street through the back alley. Follow the sidewalk to the large wooden doors facing Shelby and come on in.