• Christ our Anchor is an Anglican mission in East Nashville that meets on Wednesday evenings for Evening Prayer and fellowship.

    We take jobs from those who have and give the labor to those in need. Neighbors and friends open their households, businesses, and lives to each other. We’re not a crisis center, we’re not a jobs ministry, we’re just God’s hands and feet meeting the needs of anyone who comes to us. We believe everyone has something to contribute to God’s kingdom.

    Everyone can make a difference in our community.. There are so many ways to help!

    • You can join us for community fellowship at The Potluck on Wednesdays.
    • You can set aside one Saturday a month to work alongside a neighbor.
    • If you've got work around your home or business, you can share your excess with a friend in need.

    More than social media posts, more than protests, and more than yard signs; giving space to a neighbor will affect change in Nashville. Set aside your busyness and join us as we live into the kingdom God has prepared for us!

  • Need/Prayer Request: We’ve got folk working full time jobs, but still living on the street. If you’ve got access to affordable housing or have connections, please send them to Fr. Michael ASAP.

  • Praise God! Thanks to your generous & continued support and the amazing work of Walk Bike Nashville we are going to be able to provide annual bus passes for our apprentices who’ve taken the big step of full-time employment. 🚍🚏

  • 🔊 The Roots & Vision of CoA

    In this lecture, Michael+ shares his spiritual journey and ministry work in Nashville, focusing on the evolution of his faith from Mormonism to priesthood and service to the homeless. He emphasizes the impact of the book Practicing the King’s Economy in reshaping his perspective on Christian values, highlighting the importance of serving the poor.

    Transitioning to Christ Our Anchor, a church in downtown Nashville, he discusses the vision of creating a transformative community beyond traditional church roles. He addresses the challenges faced in garnering support for the mission and stresses the significance of community involvement and genuine care for the marginalized. He draws upon Biblical teachings to emphasize serving the least among us as serving Christ himself.

    The lecture concludes with a call to action for individuals to embrace a kingdom-focused mindset, evaluate their lives, and actively engage in serving those in need in their communities.

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  • 🔊 The Way, Truth, & Life

    Today, we discuss the fatigue and unnoticed pressures of work in society. Despite the challenges, recognizing God’s understanding can bring solace. By shifting focus to serving Jesus, we find purpose and significance in our tasks. Anchored in His love, we gain renewal and inspiration beyond earthly weariness.

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  • God delights to work in and through small things, incremental moves, tiny places, and even seemingly little people. — All Your Little Big Things