We know it’s a challenging idea. The thought of inviting an unknown person to your home or business to do work makes us nervous and brings up all sorts of horrible thoughts. To ease your mind, let me share what our process for doing a job is.

First and foremost, we aren’t giving jobs to random people off the street. Each week at our potluck we meet together as the Body of Christ learning about each others weaknesses, strengths, skills, and needs. Over time our community grows and we identify someone who is ready to reclame their role as a worker in God’s beautiful garden.

Once we’ve identified someone who’s ready to start working, we’ll enter them into our apprentice program. Apprentices never go out on jobs alone. On each job, an apprentice will be accompanied by at least one mentor and sometimes more. Mentors are mature Christians who are an active part of our community. Some mentors are career/spiritual mentors while others are also masters in a trade or skill.

At our weekly potluck, mentors and apprentices will review our database of jobs and determine what jobs our community is able to take on during the next week. An apprentice and mentor(s) will be assigend to each job. If your job’s been selected at the potluck, you can expect someone to contact you to schedule an exact appointment.

Once an appointment has been made, you can expect it to go about the same as with any other tradesperson. The apprenctice and mentor(s) will arrive at your home, ask some questions, and then get to work. Unlike a traditional tradesperson, don’t hesitate to talk to our mentors and apprentices. Ask them how you can pray for them! Ask them about the other jobs they’ve been on and what they’ve learned! Remember: this isn’t just about getting something done, it’s about being participants in God’s kingdom work by helping a brother or sister to wholeness!