Unless otherwise noted, the Potluck is every Wednesday at 5:30p.

Day Time Event
9/13, Wed NO POTLUCK, Clergy Retreat
9/16, Sat 10:00a Neighborhood Canvasing
9/20, Wed 5:30p Fall Ember Day
9/23, Sat TBD Harvest Blessings / Yard Work / Clothes Drive
10/7, Sat 10:00a Neighborhood Canvasing
10/11, Wed 6:30p Practicing the King’s Economy
10/31, Tue 5:00p Candy @ Church / All Saint’s Eve Mass
11/1, Wed 6:30p All Saints Mass
11/22, Wed TBD Friendsgiving / Lovefest
12/3, Sun TBD East Nashville Parish Exploration
12/30, Sat TBD Caroling
12/31, Sun 11:00p Watchnight Mass

Neighborhood Canvasing: 9/16 & 10/7

Join us at the church parking lot (611 Shelby Ave). We'll walk around the neighborhood around the building, get to know our neighbors, ask about their needs, and pray for them. This is an easy way to serve the community! RSVP to Fr. Michael.

Harvest Blessings: 9/23

If you've got a garden ready to harvest, let us know! Father Michael will be driving around blessing gardens for the harvest.

We'll also be sending folk out to help with the harvesting and gathering Halloween costumes.

All Saint's Eve: 10/31

Join us outside the church at 5:00p as we hand out candy to our neighbors and make sure every kid has a costume to wear. We'll meet our neighbors, share God's love with them, and end the evening in prayer thanking God for the saints who have gone before us.

Friendsgiving & Lovefest: 11/22

If you're looking for folk to share a Thanksgiving meal with, come join us. We'll share a meal together and then gather around the Lord's Table to receive his gifts of grace and to thank Him for all He's done for us.

Christmas Caroling: 12/30

Join us at the church (611 Shelby Ave). We'll wander around the neighborhood singing Christmas carols, getting to know our neighbors, and praying for folk.

Watchnight Service: 12/31

Bring in the new year surrounded by friends and prayer. Join us at the church for a service of testimony and prayer ending together at the Lord's Table as the clock strikes midnight.